Guam businesses often boast the benefit of being long enduring. Our remote location and local community create a very synergistic circle of revenue and economic stability. While this is often considered great news for businesses the challenge in any tight or close knit economy is breaking through competitive barriers.

How Social Media Changes Business on Guam

What I’ve always loved about the internet is competitive opportunity. If you desire to build a business or make money with less barriers the internet has always been a Wild West haven. A cornocopia of opportunities. Social Media marketing on Guam is not much different. However, unlike many other digital opportunities social media is not just an internet fad it is deeply embedded in our modern day lives.
Companies like:
Crowns Guam

  • Hatsa Guam
  • Mac Tech
  • Sunglasses Etc.
  • Creative Indeed
  • Opake
  • Chamoritta Swimwear
  • And many others…

Have all experienced major breakthroughs with the use of social media in their marketing arsenal. These companies are proof that social media has impacted how we consume media, buy locally, and engage with commerce based messages.

Is it too late for your Guam owned business to embrace social media?
Absolutely not! In fact, the age of social selling is just beginning on Guam and finally maturing around the world. Currently, moving into the digital space especially with regard to social media is a sound move for any business. For several reasons.

  • We can now track metrics and measure the effectiveness of our processes
  • Advertising platforms have matured and multiplied over the past 5 years
  • We can create cross promotionalcampaigns (including radio, television, and mailers)
  • Content algorithms are more effective
  • We can actually calculate ROI for social media
  • Advertising costs are still reasonably priced

How to start growing your social media accounts

Growing your social media accounts on Guam is pretty simple. Here are a few tips to kickstart your growth.

  • Always have a website first
  • Then Start with the trifecta ( Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • If your business is highly visual a Pinterest and Instagram account is a smart move as well.
  • If you are a brick and mortar business always claim your identity
  • If your business is B2B LinkedIn is a great focal point
  • Invest in being consistent with your social media activities , it’s the best method for keeping customers engaged
  • Start building a buyers list
  • Create 3 fold content pieces
  • Develop long term growth strategies and Goals
  • Measure … measure … measure

Remember to track and measure everything. I had to address this issue twice because it’s incredibly important. Every business is different and social media thrives on ‘different’ in order to improve and grow your social media presence online you must understand what strategies work best for your specific business. The tailor your efforts around these high impact activities.
If you need more help learning or planning your social media activities feel free to contact us we’d be glad to help.