It’s no secret social media management is an essential task for every business interested in surviving today’s modern era. However, on Guam the career field is relatively new. The good news is higher learning institutions likie Guam Community College have instituted media courses related to social media management. Consequently, the market is growing with very talented creatives who with some guidance can execute these management tasks with great tenacity.

The funny thing is when I began creating and growing social media accounts for companies abroad the idea of social media marketing becoming an industry within itself seemed unfathomable. There were not social media certification courses or higher institutions. There was simply the will to be creative with marketing tactics and of the ability to consistently execute full circle strategies.

Today a new social media manager is armed with so many tools and resources that there really isn’t a valid excuse for failing to execute digital marketing campaigns.

That being said there are some important factors your should use when seeking the best social media manager for your Guam based business. Here are some tips to help you successfully navigate through this hiring landscape.

Half 1/2 Creative Director 1/2 Marketing Manager All Parts Unicorn

An effective social media manager is quite frankly considered a Unicorn Marketer. They are considerably rare in the sense that an effective social media manager is both highly analytical and highly creative.

The analytic side of your newly hired social media marketer should understand metrics and how to measure ROI starting from scratch. They should also be able to plan content creation and distribution. As well as create campaigns are resources that speak directly to your company’s ideal avatar.

For social media Managers on Guam understanding how the temper best practices to fit the local environment is essential. These social marketers should have a strong grasp of marketing and project management principles.

A good indication that your potential social media marketer understands the lay of the land is how they manage or optimize their own accounts.

For example, what projects have they worked on. Or even on a smaller scale how do their personal accounts appear. For example:

  • Do people engage with them frequently using social media?
  • What is the state of their LinkedIn Profiles?
  • Do they have experience creating content?
  • Do they have experience in graphic design?
  • What type of planning experience do they have?

Here are some Questions you can ask social media managers to see if they are the best fit for your Guam based company.

  1. What tools or resources will you need to manage our social accounts? They should have a general list of requirements such as link tracking or analytics, etc.
  2. Ask the potential manager to provide an example of how they will respond to an irate customer on Twitter. Managing social media also helps businesses monitor customer complaints as
  3. What is their strategy for planning to be consistent with social media? Being consistent with social media is one of the most challenging aspects of SMM
  4. What is their view on content creation? 

Asking these basic questions will help you gain a greater understanding of the manager and whether or not they are a good fit for your company.