6 IFTTT formulas every social media growth hacker should know

6 IFTTT formulas every social media growth hacker should know

If you’re unfamiliar with IFTTT I’m about to rock your world. IFTTT is a SAAS automation tool that allows you to create formulas based on the IF this than That principle. For growth marketers who aren’t programmers IFTTT is nothing to be afraid of infact as soon as you lay eyes on it , it will be the simplest form of coding you’ll ever be asked to do, which is basically logic. With IFTTT you can use services like Google Sheets and Instagram. Essentially allowing these different to communicate with each other based on Triggers and desired actions. I’ve always been a fan of this software but never really delved too deep until I was required to be superhuman. Now that you know a little about IFTTT let’s go straight into the 7 applets (an applet is what they call formulas which used to actually be called recipes) every growth marketer show know. 

[su_note note_color=”#fbccdc” radius=”4″]Here’s how to navigate through this post. For every applet, I’ll provide the context behind the automated tactic. I will also include an image of a suggest applet.

When logging in to IFTTT.com simply navigate to the search bar. The best way to search for a specific applet is to type in the name of the applet verbatim if you exclude a word it becomes difficult to find. (This is why I’m including a screenshot of the applets 😛 )

  • For example: Do This: Build a spreadsheet with tagged pocket links

  • Don’t Do This: Build a spreadsheet with tagged

Another method you can use is to begin by searching for the Platform associated with the Trigger. For example, IF Twitter hashtag then send notification The service listed after IF is most commonly the Trigger. Therefore, to find the applet above the easiest method is to begin by searching Twitter in the search bar. [/su_note]

#1 Create a spreadsheet of everyone who follows you on Twitter without ever having to copy and paste again

You can do a lot of things if you know your audience or at the very least know the people that are organically attracted to you online.

  • Are you reaching the right people?

  • Are you engaging with your followers?

A spreadsheet of who follows you and when they followed plus all the other twitter data that comes along with it like their names and descriptions is like SLAM for your Twitter profile. Imagine all the things you can do if you had a google sheet of all the people who followed you… The Possibilities are endless.

The applets for taking great care of your Twitter followers

Keep in mind that if you plan on running scripts and such to accomplish more than just knowing who followed you the spreadsheet is probably the best way to go. However, if you simply want to manually get a count and reply to your new followers every Monday that’s cool too. There’s an option for every growth strategy.

Ifttt applets for growth marketers

#2 Save Every URL you favorite on Pocket

If you’ve ever scheduled a social media post you know how hard it can be to aggregate good content let alone schedule it. Pocket is the end all be all source of good content but it’s an easy way to create an endless stream of content to share just by favoriting something. This is literally the first time in history that “hearting” something on the internet actually yields a solid end result lol :p If you really want to be gangster about this pocket strategy you can extend the formula to use specific tags instead of favorites.

The applets for taking full advantage of Pocket 

You might see a pattern here 🙂 I’m a little in love with spreadsheets for aggregating data. Keep in mind there are a bunch of pocket applets that might help you improve your work flow. You can also create applets that interface between Pocket and Feedly , Pocket and Evernote , Pocket and Facebook , Pocket and Twitter there’s a bunch of options. I spent a few hours on pocket and buffer but it really pissed me off so I gave up on it but it might work well for you. (haha full disclosure)

pocket ifttt formulas pocket applets

#3 Auto post every Instagram post to a Pinterest Board

Reuse your IG content by automatically Sharing it to a Pinterest board. Simple stuff but if you’re trying to grow a business sometimes the details slip through the cracks. So here’s a way to fight back! 

Applets for cross posting 

First, let me say I’m not a huge fan of cross posting. Generally speaking, every platform has its own form of ideal media. However, if done in a controlled manner you can select which posts are appropriate for cross posting. Which is why I choose the applet that allows for a specific hashtag. You can accomplish the same concept with Instagram to Facebook Page as well as many other options. The key to this is remember to ACTUALLY include the hashtag in the post otherwise it won’t work.

Instagram to Pinterest

#4 When a tweet from a specific user is tweeted save to a google spreadsheet.

This is a given but if you ever want to spy on your competition a great way to do it is to see how they Tweet. Even better spy on a few of your biggest competitors and learn hidden data gems about your industry. One thing is certain companies with bigger marketing and R & D budgets definitely have an upper hand in the world of data. But there’s no reason you can’t do the same by simply mimicking their formulas through observation. 

Applets for Being a Social Spy, R & D on a shoe string budget

Please note this is ethical spying 😛 Using this method you’ll learn a lot about how your competition Tweets and what they Tweet about. You won’t have to second guess if you’re headed in the right direction. Keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily have to focus on your direct competitors you can also use this method to observe trends by specific leaders in your industry. There are literally hundreds of methods you can use to employ this strategy at any level.

Twitter spy

#5 Browsing Medium Much, Why Not Curate Content As Well?

It’s no secret Medium is becoming a content powerhouse for high-value content. If you’re in the business of curating quality content chances are you’re doing it on Medium at some point in your day. Yes, it’s true you can simply import medium RSS feeds and probably never spend another minute on Medium. But and this is a BIG BUT, you’ll miss new trending content plus it’s not much fun right.

Applets For Curating Content on Medium 

#6  Save Trending Gifs to your Google Drive (For Fun) 

It might not seem obvious at first but GIFS rule the internet and you should always have some in your arsenal for social media responses or just good karma in general. But on a serious note it takes a lot of time to siphon through and save gifs by doing this you can create a library on Autopilot. If you do this with Google Drive you might want to turn off your notifications, seriously your phone might just explode. 

Applets for Keeping up With The Internet Cats 

I’m definitely a fan of Google Drive the obvious benefit being you can download the gif on demand. However, if you don’t plan on being an ‘internet guide’ 😛 it might be unnecessary. These applets below work and will keep you in touch with your internet roots 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did do me a huge favor and tweet using the little tweet box below.

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4 Principles That Will Help You Become a Freakishly Productive Remote Marketer

4 Principles That Will Help You Become a Freakishly Productive Remote Marketer

Every day we aspire to bigger and better. But today unlike most days we’ll stick to just being better or at least more productive. Realistically, there are only a few things in life we can control BUT I’m confident everyone can manage to do a least 4 Things everyday to improve and slay the heck out of your day.

Product Remote Marketer

Some of the pros of a “have laptop will travel lifestyle” also comes with a few cons like extreme freedom, which in lieu some personal discipline can be a little like escaping the YouTube wormhole we’ve all found ourselves trapped in at 3 am in the morning. To help you avoid this pleasant nightmare here are 4 things you can do daily to be a better remote marketer instead of getting stuck on the dark side of the web.

#1 Crack the Self-Starter Formula

One of the my favorite books of all time is The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert. It’s not his promise of literary genius that captivates me. It’s his understanding of what it takes to create formulas. Not just formulas associated with Copy but also basic life formulas required to press on regardless of what blocks you may experience. In one of his lessons to Bond Halbert writes,

Run. Walk. Jog. Write. Do the dishes. Or whatever. But don’t sit around waiting for a flash from Heaven.

When you work remotely, being a self-starter is key. You always see that phrase in job descriptions “Must be a self-starter”, they don’t put it there for lack of reason. You WILL get stuck, feel idle, feel lost in the monotony … But Gary put it so simply Run.Walk. Jog. Write. Basically, rule your day with a sense of clarity. Whether it’s creating a routine or finding ways to keep you motivated, engaged, and on fire. Do the things that work for you and do it consistently.

Actionable Task : Develop a list of things that will keep you unstuck. Do at least one unsticky thing from that list each day. Click To Tweet

#2 Learn The Power of Automation

When working remotely you’ll often find yourself in situations where you’ll need to scale your productivity. Basically, the privilege of working remotely is usually accompanied by a superhuman prerequisite. Or at least super awesome. Tim Ferris is famous for the concept of the New Rich. Where we are encouraged to abandon our previously deferred industrialist lifestyles to a lifestyle designed to OWN OUR TIME.

The power of automation is our tool to thrive. As a remote marketer the power of automation rivals nearly every other skillset you can invest in learning. Focus on becoming a time doctor that specializes in automating the following areas:

– Project Management

– Data Science

– Growth Hacking

Any of the areas above will not only make you a better marketer but it will also make you more valuable financially. If you don’t believe me search the job boards.

Actionable Task: Be an experimentalist. Find a task you’re doing manually online and challenge yourself to figure out an automated way to get it done. Click To Tweet

#3 Focus on Your Strengths

We can’t all be Personal Brand Marketers. In fact, if you’re beating yourself over the head right now because you think you need a .com website to make money I’m here to tell you the .com website I owned back in 2013 made me no money. But learning skills that are actually needed by companies will. I’m not saying that you should not market yourself. What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t force marketing mediums on yourself that don’t work for you. If you suck at being on camera and rock those Google sheet formulas, don’t be pissed because you’re camera shy instead spend your time focusing on being a data rockstar.

The inverse is also true. If you’re great at marketing your personal brand and your the shiznet on Periscope or Facebook Live, if that works you, then do several live broadcasts a day.

Actionable Task : Perform a task related to your strength every single day. EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS 😛 Click To Tweet

#4 Buy Into The Agreements You’ve Already Made

What makes you a digital nomad , entrepreneur , subject matter expert , blogger , mompreneur ??? You’ll notice all these titles are self-imposed. No matter what you call yourself these titles don’t become reality unless you buy into the agreement you’ve made.

Find a mentor whether in books , blogs , videos , or real life who is the closest thing to THE BEST of what you already call yourself. Learn the realities of their journey because history is a really good indicator of what you can expect to face. This way when you hit a block or achieve a goal you’ll have insight on what you need to do next.

Actionable Task: Read autobiographies , follow your mentors online, engage in conversations whenever possible , watch their videos, etc. Basically, pull whatever insight you can from their work.  That’s all she wrote , literally. Let me know what you think and maybe share some tips that have worked for you in the past. Thanks for reading 🙂 Btw if you interested in being even more productive pick a copy of my automated cheats.

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Social Media Marketing is Changing Guam’s Business Community

Social Media Marketing is Changing Guam’s Business Community

Guam businesses often boast the benefit of being long enduring. Our remote location and local community create a very synergistic circle of revenue and economic stability. While this is often considered great news for businesses the challenge in any tight or close knit economy is breaking through competitive barriers.

How Social Media Changes Business on Guam

What I’ve always loved about the internet is competitive opportunity. If you desire to build a business or make money with less barriers the internet has always been a Wild West haven. A cornocopia of opportunities. Social Media marketing on Guam is not much different. However, unlike many other digital opportunities social media is not just an internet fad it is deeply embedded in our modern day lives.
Companies like:
Crowns Guam

  • Hatsa Guam
  • Mac Tech
  • Sunglasses Etc.
  • Creative Indeed
  • Opake
  • Chamoritta Swimwear
  • And many others…

Have all experienced major breakthroughs with the use of social media in their marketing arsenal. These companies are proof that social media has impacted how we consume media, buy locally, and engage with commerce based messages.

Is it too late for your Guam owned business to embrace social media?
Absolutely not! In fact, the age of social selling is just beginning on Guam and finally maturing around the world. Currently, moving into the digital space especially with regard to social media is a sound move for any business. For several reasons.

  • We can now track metrics and measure the effectiveness of our processes
  • Advertising platforms have matured and multiplied over the past 5 years
  • We can create cross promotionalcampaigns (including radio, television, and mailers)
  • Content algorithms are more effective
  • We can actually calculate ROI for social media
  • Advertising costs are still reasonably priced

How to start growing your social media accounts

Growing your social media accounts on Guam is pretty simple. Here are a few tips to kickstart your growth.

  • Always have a website first
  • Then Start with the trifecta ( Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • If your business is highly visual a Pinterest and Instagram account is a smart move as well.
  • If you are a brick and mortar business always claim your identity
  • If your business is B2B LinkedIn is a great focal point
  • Invest in being consistent with your social media activities , it’s the best method for keeping customers engaged
  • Start building a buyers list
  • Create 3 fold content pieces
  • Develop long term growth strategies and Goals
  • Measure … measure … measure

Remember to track and measure everything. I had to address this issue twice because it’s incredibly important. Every business is different and social media thrives on ‘different’ in order to improve and grow your social media presence online you must understand what strategies work best for your specific business. The tailor your efforts around these high impact activities.
If you need more help learning or planning your social media activities feel free to contact us we’d be glad to help.

How to Hire the Best Social Media Managers on Guam

How to Hire the Best Social Media Managers on Guam

It’s no secret social media management is an essential task for every business interested in surviving today’s modern era. However, on Guam the career field is relatively new. The good news is higher learning institutions likie Guam Community College have instituted media courses related to social media management. Consequently, the market is growing with very talented creatives who with some guidance can execute these management tasks with great tenacity.

The funny thing is when I began creating and growing social media accounts for companies abroad the idea of social media marketing becoming an industry within itself seemed unfathomable. There were not social media certification courses or higher institutions. There was simply the will to be creative with marketing tactics and of the ability to consistently execute full circle strategies.

Today a new social media manager is armed with so many tools and resources that there really isn’t a valid excuse for failing to execute digital marketing campaigns.

That being said there are some important factors your should use when seeking the best social media manager for your Guam based business. Here are some tips to help you successfully navigate through this hiring landscape.

Half 1/2 Creative Director 1/2 Marketing Manager All Parts Unicorn

An effective social media manager is quite frankly considered a Unicorn Marketer. They are considerably rare in the sense that an effective social media manager is both highly analytical and highly creative.

The analytic side of your newly hired social media marketer should understand metrics and how to measure ROI starting from scratch. They should also be able to plan content creation and distribution. As well as create campaigns are resources that speak directly to your company’s ideal avatar.

For social media Managers on Guam understanding how the temper best practices to fit the local environment is essential. These social marketers should have a strong grasp of marketing and project management principles.

A good indication that your potential social media marketer understands the lay of the land is how they manage or optimize their own accounts.

For example, what projects have they worked on. Or even on a smaller scale how do their personal accounts appear. For example:

  • Do people engage with them frequently using social media?
  • What is the state of their LinkedIn Profiles?
  • Do they have experience creating content?
  • Do they have experience in graphic design?
  • What type of planning experience do they have?

Here are some Questions you can ask social media managers to see if they are the best fit for your Guam based company.

  1. What tools or resources will you need to manage our social accounts? They should have a general list of requirements such as link tracking or analytics, etc.
  2. Ask the potential manager to provide an example of how they will respond to an irate customer on Twitter. Managing social media also helps businesses monitor customer complaints as
  3. What is their strategy for planning to be consistent with social media? Being consistent with social media is one of the most challenging aspects of SMM
  4. What is their view on content creation? 

Asking these basic questions will help you gain a greater understanding of the manager and whether or not they are a good fit for your company.

Become The Go-To Person on Guam In Your Industry Using Social Media

Become The Go-To Person on Guam In Your Industry Using Social Media

How To Become The Go-To Person In Your Industry On Social Media

Most of us will find that when we think of a particular niche, industry or topic, a specific name will come to mind. Perhaps ‘Pat Flynn’ is who you go to when you’re interested in passive income. Or maybe ‘Tim Ferriss’ is your go-to guy for productivity. Either way, these are the names that transcend their own small group of followers to the point where they become internet celebrities more commonly referred to a influencers. Influencers are trusted authorities on the web and when we have a question relating to their niche we will often look to them for an answer or at least to provide opinion you can trust.

You’ll know that someone has reached this point for you when you start prefixing Google searches with their name or their site name.
The question is: how do you reach that point? How can you become the go-to person in your own industry? It’s a massive challenge but of course someone has to succeed, so it may as well be you! Infact, it can be you.

On Guam and in the Northern Marianas we already have our very own set of influencers ranging from PXC fighers, Musicians , Artists, Bloggers, Business People, etc. Some that most of you are familiar with including:

Michelle Pier – Creative Indeed 

Rachael Esteves – The Dolls  & PlayHouse Studios

Frank the Crank Camacho 

Pika Fejeran – Pika’s Cafe Guam 

Denise Mendiola – SBDC , GWCC , and many others 


Influencers like those mentioned above are trusted authorities. They are experts in their respective fields, champions of their industry, and consistently helping others with their professional and creative insights as well as personal experiences. When you meet an influencer it often feels like home or more aptly it feels like you know them already without ever having to meet them in person. They exude a sense of openness or transparency in their business and have worked hard to keep their names and service at the front of your minds. That being said I’m a big believer in abundance. There is still so much opportunity for people on Guam to grow and become influencers especially using this big bad tool called the internet. Here’s are few tips that will help you achieve just that.

Consistent Quality

The single most important thing to do is to make sure that you are providing consistent and valuable information. This means you should be sharing the kinds of insightful tips and advice that people don’t get anywhere else. This is one of the reason that in-depth blog posts are so popular at the moment. While you can come across millions of generic short posts, it’s the content creators time invested in really diving into a subject and identifying the deepest pains or challenges you are experiencing then answering those questions or concerns that really adds value. They consistently break barriers through their service. If you can promote your content through social media and ensure that you are offering something that your visitors can’t get anywhere else each time they find you eventually you’ll start actively seeking out their opinions. Obviously, the internet is a really big place so it will still takes time for people to find you. The big secret which is not much of a secret at all is making sure you don’t just do it once – but you keep doing it over and over again.

Be Approachable As if You’re An Actual Human Being

I have a friend who is constantly making six figures using Facebook live videos just by simply being consistent but also being incredibly real. He spends time everyday just being himself , sharing value with his audience, and oftentimes sharing random parts of his day like him waiting on a flight or attending an event or driving with a friend in a car. All very normal human behavior, afterall you are a human being so don’t be afraid to show some personality. You should of course remain professional. But the tone of professionlism changes depending on your industry. A musician and an accounting often expresses very tones of professionalism. The point here is be self aware, know exactly where you stand, and then just continue being you. Being down to earth can actually help showcase your integrity. Think about it: would you rather get up-to-date information from a text-book or from an expert who you also happen to know and who can explain it well and answer questions? Be a real person and you’ll build trust.

Align Yourself

Finally, make sure you align yourself with other trusted authorities in your field. Aligning yourself with other infuencers is a natural action. Eventually, as you add more and more value in your industry you’ll begin to meet more people who expresss the same sentiment and expertise. Not only in your specific industry but also around the island or in many other communities. I want to impress upon you that while the internet is a vehicle it’s only a vehicle and you should not restrict yourself to networking online only. Get out and join associations or meet up with others this can dramatically boost your local presence and help people become more famliar with you. The traditional strategies that allow people to be an authority locally still work but when combined with being a social media powerhouse I cannot see any possible reason why you would fail to capture significant market share.

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10 Ways to Build Your Credibility on Social Media

10 Ways to Build Your Credibility on Social Media

Build Your Credibility on Social Media

Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can help you to reach a potentially unlimited number of people with the very minimum investment in terms of time, money and effort.
But while social media might be incredibly powerful, it’s still only going to be as good as the strategy you have in place and if you haven’t first established yourself as a credible authority then you’ll find that everything you do falls on deaf ears. To improve your effectiveness then, you should make this one of your biggest focusses. Here are ten ways to build that credibility…

Build Credibility with Social Media by Creating a Blog

Then fill it with well-researched, in-depth and informative posts and share them on social media. This is content marketing 101 and one of the best ways to establish trust and authority. If you can’t write, hire someone who can to do it for you.

Build a Well Known Reputation by Building Loyal Followers and Friends

Unfortunately, if you have a social media account with 14 followers, you will have a hard time convincing people to put stock in what you say. Of course it shouldn’t necessarily matter but it does. People see this as an indicator of your authority – so get to work growing that number.

Be Personal , You know like you’re a real human being

People like to know that there’s a real human being behind a social media account which can help to build trust and therefore credibility. Every now and then posting a personal image will help to build that connection with your fans.

But Not too Personal…

That said, a drunken rant or a Tweet about your toilet habits can also seriously undermine your respectability. You might think it’s amusing/poignant but your business account is not the place for that kind of content.

Create a Personal Brand

Your social media pages should have strong branding that utilizes high definition images and well written information. Make sure that everything says ‘quality’.

Spell Well 🙂

Does a misspelling necessarily mean that your interesting fact isn’t true? It shouldn’t do really but to a large portion of your audience it does.

Post Regularly

If you go days, weeks or months on end without posting then your social media will look like a ghost town which suggests it’s not a professional account.


One of the easiest ways to be persuasive is to appeal to another authority on a given subject. If you can get a referral from another big social media account then this will help you greatly.


Communities on social media give you a chance to answer questions and demonstrate that you know your stuff. You should consider this almost as an opportunity to ‘advertise’ your expertise and knowhow.

Deliver Quality

Most importantly: make sure that all your posts are interesting/entertaining and that you are consistently delivering quality and value.