The Easiest Methods to Live Stream on Facebook for Businesses

The Easiest Methods to Live Stream on Facebook for Businesses

Aside from clicking “live” on Facebook’s Mobile or Desktop app is there a simple method for going live and doing it professionally. Yes! There is and you’re about to learn exactly how.

Let me preface this post by stating the following my assumption is that you’re a non-technical business without an in-house media team. You’re not interested in costly production software but you are interested in remaining professional while live streaming. Aside from custom aesthetics, you’re also looking for a method to streamline your live streaming process.

With the Above in mind, the following three methods will help your business both look good online and get it done in a reasonable amount of time.

Basic Live Streaming Tools Needed:

  • Computer Desktop / Laptop (You can go live on your phone without software but for the most part this method will require a desktop or laptop)
  • Camera Built-in or External : My Recommended Web Cam is [eafl id=”380″ name=”Logitech” text=”Logitech C920″]
  • Software or SAAS:

ECamm Live Streaming for Business

You might be familiar with eCamm software as it’s one of the go to Skype Call Recording apps for most of the digital marketing world. Well, the same makers of eCamm just recently launched eCamm Live which honestly is one of the easiest apps to use for live streaming. It reminds of screen recording apps like Screencast and Camtasia but simple to use and of course built for the live environment. You can see a video below that explains the features of eCamm Live

Several features that make eCamm Live so powerful is the simplicity behind this app. It’s by far the easiest app to use for live streaming with robust features that add professional touches to your broadcast.

Some of these features include:

  • Broadcasting Videos
  • Live Picture in Picture
  • Screen Sharing
  • Graphic Overlays

Personally, I love the fact that you can LITERALLY drag and drop graphics like logos, text, and even animated gifs into the stream. This feature makes it extremely easy to use in terms of professional production.

Additionally, with the ability to broadcast video files you can easily add intros and outros to your live stream without a big hassle. Live Streaming Tool is an ideal tool for content marketers, coaches, trainers, bloggers, etc. Anyone profession deeply engulfed in the digital marketing arena.  The platform boasts a slew of features that almost every digital experts can imagine, including:

  • Built-in Landing Pages
  • Invites
  • Embedding
  • Paid Events
  • Stripe Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Pixel Tracking
  • Private Events
  • Data Exports
  • and must more

If you think about it is essentially the Go to Webinar for live streaming with the exception that it’s a lot more modern and streamlined. There’s also no clunky software to download which is everything I love about SAAS.

The biggest feature, in my opinion, is that Crowdcast essentially allows you to be a LiveStreaming God. Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about the idea of being “Omnipresent” on the social media. Well, Crowdcast allows you to achieve that goal easily without super complex software or a media team behind you. Here’s how.

As you can imagine I’m a true advocate for anything that makes the life of a business owner simple. If you can 10X my live streaming efforts I’m all for it.  With Crowdcast you can be omnipresent, capture leads, and host paid events all from one tool. Not bad right 🙂


MiMo Live Boinx Software

The last of the 3  methods for business live streaming is Mimo Live. But don’t let the #3 Status fool you MiMo Live is a front runner for several reasons. It’s affordable but it has so much potential. MiMo Live allows you to perform tasks that are a little more technical with features like:

  • multiple screen sources up to nine which can be extended with Blackmagic
  • graphics machine based on a layered concept
  • live keying during the broadcast
  • exporting to disc features
  • you can even add a live Twitter feed to your stream while broadcasting (very neat)
  • and much more

MimoLive speaks to my accounting background (you know LIFO , FIFO lol) But on a serious note it is the more complex version of the 3. However, with all these features I couldn’t help but through this option in. MiMo will probably be useful for media professionals or agencies hosting live events that may also require post production marketing. If you run conferences, host meetups, or teach live courses this may be the perfect option for you.


There are a bunch of live streaming apps online to date. However, these 3 fit the mold. They are easy to use, affordable, and help you achieve the omnipresent goal with half the effort. Which of the three are you using today? Do you have other tools you’d like to include in the mix? If so, leave a comment below.

5 Business Savvy Reasons You Should Use Facebook Ads in Guam

5 Business Savvy Reasons You Should Use Facebook Ads in Guam

Use Facebook Ads To Conquer Your Market in Guam

If you’re looking for a quick and highly effective way to reach a massive audience on Guam, then Facebook advertising is an excellent option. Read on and I’ll share five of the biggest reasons you should consider using Facebook ads to conquer your market.

Reason 1 It’s Flexible

Facebook ads are flexible advertising vehicles. They can be used to promote all forms of media including videos, articles, images, flyers as well as different types of promotional objectives. For example, Facebook ads can be used to acquire leads, promote a local event, advertising a flash sale, or even a digital storefront. Aside from different types of promotional objectives you can also use Facebook ads based on the required action of the user. For example, if you want to acquire a large number of impressions to build brand awareness you can use Pay Per Impression. Whereas, if you require a specific result like a link clicks you can use the PPC method. PPC means ‘Pay Per Click’ and is also the format of another very popular advertising network: Google AdWords. The appeal of PPC is that you don’t pay anything if your ad isn’t effective. You are only paying here when someone actually clicks on your advert meaning you get free exposure for your brand and meaning that you won’t pay a dime if your ad doesn’t encourage anyone to actually visit your site. You can also use Facebook ads for specific sales conversion goals, to build engagement on your Facebook page, and even to acquire more likes for your Facebook Page.

Reason 2 It Fits Any Budget

Due to the nature of Facebook ads, this also means you can always afford them no matter your budget. You set the amount you are willing to pay out each time someone clicks on an ad and the only drawback for making this number low is that your ad won’t be shown as often. You can spend as low as a few dollars per week or a million + dollars a quarter. The key here is  that Facebook advertisements are scalable. More importantly in Guam specifically the average ad spend required to actually make an impact is relatively low in comparison to other parts of the world. You can spend $10 on Facebook and reach nearly 10,000 people on Guam using Facebook ads. That seems like a pretty good deal to me when you compare traditional advertising vehicles.

Reason 3 It’s Highly Targeted

An advantage that Facebook has over Google is that it lets you target specific demographics. In other words you can choose to only show your ad to people who are single, married, above a certain age, female… etc. All this data allows you to avoid wasting money on people who aren’t in your target audience and while Google AdWords is targeted in a different way (it lets you address people searching for particular subjects) it doesn’t provide quite the same control. When you consider local markets like Guam the value of a highly targeted ad ensures that the right people are seeing your promotion. For example, if I want to promote a local 5k I can target:

  • someone living in Guam or the vicinity of Guam, who
  • shares an interest in fitness
  • target former customers or using a customer list
  • include people who have attended a previous event hosted by you
  • include people who have recently purchased something online
  • there are so many options available

The point is unlike traditional advertising mediums using Facebook ads on Guam can help you reach a highly targeted audience at a fraction of the cost. Sounding a little tricky, No worries I can help

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”soft” background=”#9c043d” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: credit-card” class=”livesite-schedule”]Schedule Your 1 on 1 Facebook Ad Session Today[/su_button]

Reason 4 It’s Social

Another great advantage of Facebook ads over Google AdWords is that it incorporates the power of Facebook’s social aspect. People can like your adverts and share them, or you can use them to direct people directly to your Facebook page to get more likes there. If social media marketing is a big part of your strategy then the two are highly synergistic. More importantly, in this day and age Facebook outranks Google in terms of traffic. Therefore, you can use this network to your advantage. Guam’s Facebook network is pretty connected. If you are trying to promote a local product or service creating a viral , sharable , or entertaining ad incentivizes the local community to share and comment on your content. In essence you can turn your ad into an interactive piece of media. It’s engaging and memorable.

Reason 5 It’s Easy to Use and Learn

Getting started on Facebook is incredibly fast and simple meaning that you can have an ad campaign up and running in no time to start generating leads and revenue. If you’re interested in learning more about using Facebook advertising or perhaps you just a need an introductory 1 on 1 lesson you can schedule 1 using the button below.

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