Social Media Growth
Social media growth posts are related to processes or strategies that business owners can use to grow their social media accounts including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok
Email Marketing
Email marketing growth content includes content related to lead generation, list building, cold email outreach, email marketing software, and email marketing sequences and more.
Content Marketing
Content marketing posts are related to advanced content marketing topics this includes areas like content distribution, building a content engine, SEO research, content strategy, content writing tips.
Content categorized under blogging focuses on tutorials, guides, and ideas related to blogging for business growth or online growth.
Copywriting content is related to creating high converting content or copy at every stage of the marketing funnel
eCommerce content includes content related to eco, platforms, apps, and strategies. This encompasses topics likes dropshipping, amazon affiliate programs, amazon ads, shopify, wordpress and woo-commerce, payment gateways, and other cool thoughts.
Facebook Ads
Facebook advertising content is related to all content associated with Facebook ads. Primarily advanced paid strategies and topics related to paid acquisition.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing posts include content related to advanced affiliate marketing tactics. Including JVs, Affiliate Marketing Programs, Affiliate outreach, and more.
Directory Websites
Directory websites is a niche topic associated with solely building directory websites. This category will focus primarily on execution, themes, and interesting ideas.