If you’re unfamiliar with IFTTT I’m about to rock your world. IFTTT is a SAAS automation tool that allows you to create formulas based on the IF this than That principle. For growth marketers who aren’t programmers IFTTT is nothing to be afraid of infact as soon as you lay eyes on it , it will be the simplest form of coding you’ll ever be asked to do, which is basically logic. With IFTTT you can use services like Google Sheets and Instagram. Essentially allowing these different to communicate with each other based on Triggers and desired actions. I’ve always been a fan of this software but never really delved too deep until I was required to be superhuman. Now that you know a little about IFTTT let’s go straight into the 7 applets (an applet is what they call formulas which used to actually be called recipes) every growth marketer show know. 

[su_note note_color=”#fbccdc” radius=”4″]Here’s how to navigate through this post. For every applet, I’ll provide the context behind the automated tactic. I will also include an image of a suggest applet.

When logging in to IFTTT.com simply navigate to the search bar. The best way to search for a specific applet is to type in the name of the applet verbatim if you exclude a word it becomes difficult to find. (This is why I’m including a screenshot of the applets 😛 )

  • For example: Do This: Build a spreadsheet with tagged pocket links

  • Don’t Do This: Build a spreadsheet with tagged

Another method you can use is to begin by searching for the Platform associated with the Trigger. For example, IF Twitter hashtag then send notification The service listed after IF is most commonly the Trigger. Therefore, to find the applet above the easiest method is to begin by searching Twitter in the search bar. [/su_note]

#1 Create a spreadsheet of everyone who follows you on Twitter without ever having to copy and paste again

You can do a lot of things if you know your audience or at the very least know the people that are organically attracted to you online.

  • Are you reaching the right people?

  • Are you engaging with your followers?

A spreadsheet of who follows you and when they followed plus all the other twitter data that comes along with it like their names and descriptions is like SLAM for your Twitter profile. Imagine all the things you can do if you had a google sheet of all the people who followed you… The Possibilities are endless.

The applets for taking great care of your Twitter followers

Keep in mind that if you plan on running scripts and such to accomplish more than just knowing who followed you the spreadsheet is probably the best way to go. However, if you simply want to manually get a count and reply to your new followers every Monday that’s cool too. There’s an option for every growth strategy.

Ifttt applets for growth marketers

#2 Save Every URL you favorite on Pocket

If you’ve ever scheduled a social media post you know how hard it can be to aggregate good content let alone schedule it. Pocket is the end all be all source of good content but it’s an easy way to create an endless stream of content to share just by favoriting something. This is literally the first time in history that “hearting” something on the internet actually yields a solid end result lol :p If you really want to be gangster about this pocket strategy you can extend the formula to use specific tags instead of favorites.

The applets for taking full advantage of Pocket 

You might see a pattern here 🙂 I’m a little in love with spreadsheets for aggregating data. Keep in mind there are a bunch of pocket applets that might help you improve your work flow. You can also create applets that interface between Pocket and Feedly , Pocket and Evernote , Pocket and Facebook , Pocket and Twitter there’s a bunch of options. I spent a few hours on pocket and buffer but it really pissed me off so I gave up on it but it might work well for you. (haha full disclosure)

pocket ifttt formulas pocket applets

#3 Auto post every Instagram post to a Pinterest Board

Reuse your IG content by automatically Sharing it to a Pinterest board. Simple stuff but if you’re trying to grow a business sometimes the details slip through the cracks. So here’s a way to fight back! 

Applets for cross posting 

First, let me say I’m not a huge fan of cross posting. Generally speaking, every platform has its own form of ideal media. However, if done in a controlled manner you can select which posts are appropriate for cross posting. Which is why I choose the applet that allows for a specific hashtag. You can accomplish the same concept with Instagram to Facebook Page as well as many other options. The key to this is remember to ACTUALLY include the hashtag in the post otherwise it won’t work.

Instagram to Pinterest

#4 When a tweet from a specific user is tweeted save to a google spreadsheet.

This is a given but if you ever want to spy on your competition a great way to do it is to see how they Tweet. Even better spy on a few of your biggest competitors and learn hidden data gems about your industry. One thing is certain companies with bigger marketing and R & D budgets definitely have an upper hand in the world of data. But there’s no reason you can’t do the same by simply mimicking their formulas through observation. 

Applets for Being a Social Spy, R & D on a shoe string budget

Please note this is ethical spying 😛 Using this method you’ll learn a lot about how your competition Tweets and what they Tweet about. You won’t have to second guess if you’re headed in the right direction. Keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily have to focus on your direct competitors you can also use this method to observe trends by specific leaders in your industry. There are literally hundreds of methods you can use to employ this strategy at any level.

Twitter spy

#5 Browsing Medium Much, Why Not Curate Content As Well?

It’s no secret Medium is becoming a content powerhouse for high-value content. If you’re in the business of curating quality content chances are you’re doing it on Medium at some point in your day. Yes, it’s true you can simply import medium RSS feeds and probably never spend another minute on Medium. But and this is a BIG BUT, you’ll miss new trending content plus it’s not much fun right.

Applets For Curating Content on Medium 

#6  Save Trending Gifs to your Google Drive (For Fun) 

It might not seem obvious at first but GIFS rule the internet and you should always have some in your arsenal for social media responses or just good karma in general. But on a serious note it takes a lot of time to siphon through and save gifs by doing this you can create a library on Autopilot. If you do this with Google Drive you might want to turn off your notifications, seriously your phone might just explode. 

Applets for Keeping up With The Internet Cats 

I’m definitely a fan of Google Drive the obvious benefit being you can download the gif on demand. However, if you don’t plan on being an ‘internet guide’ 😛 it might be unnecessary. These applets below work and will keep you in touch with your internet roots 🙂

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