There’s a word on the internet that explains things you should already know.


I’d like you to use this simple concept as a premise for this post. Because most times the simplest most underused or “Basic” strategies if executed consistently on the internet can win you a whole lot of traffic IRL (In Real Life). Now that I’m done playing with internet slang ūüôā Thanks for bearing with me. I’m going to share 3 completely free strategies you can use today to get more foot traffic to your local business. Cool right? So let’s begin.

Strategy #1 Use the Power of Trending Apps like AirBNB

Everyone loves AirBNB¬†these days. It’s trending, an easy conversation starter, and pretty hip if you ask me. But did you know you can also use AirBNB to list what they call “experiences”.¬† Listing your services or experiences on sites like AirBNB allow you to capitalize on the sites organic traffic. It’s basically free non-pushy advertising that showcases your products or services.¬†More importantly, visitors to sites like AirBNB are actively seeking an experience they can pay for. Which means on a fundamental level they are a lot deeper into the conversion funnel than normal site visitors. This is what one of my mentors would call “commerciality” without the cost of an actual commercial.

Strategy #2 Conquer Your Map and Claim Your Business

The very first thing I do with local clients is, ask them if they’ve bothered to see what their business looks like on an internet map. Nine times out of 10 if you’re not actively using the internet like a marketing addict you are also not paying attention to the user generated content that tells at digital story about your business. Many business owners are afraid of user-generated content because of the horror stories they’ve heard about bad reviews hurting their bottom line, but honestly, you can’t escape UGC so whether you claim your business or not people will be reviewing it. It’s better to get a positive head start on managing your reputation by claiming your business on different sites like Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and even your local online directories. Despite what horror stories you’ve heard claiming your business and monitoring your online reputation can add more value and win your local business more clients or revenue.

The key here is to remember that as a business owner you still retain control over your internal culture, your values, and your customer service ethics. These characteristics shine through online. It’s a great opportunity to attract the right type of clients to your doorstep. More importantly, claiming your business allows you to¬†communicate with the world instead of having others tell the story for you. Plus, again this is all free so….why wouldn’t you use it???

Strategy #3 Start a local Tribe with Facebook Groups About An Interest Related To Your Business

If you own an automotive business or clothing store creating a group about cars or fashion and inviting your local friends / customers/ family to join is a great marketing medium if you can consistently share valuable¬†content. Groups are a free and easy method you can use to build a local network or people who are interested in what you sell. If being social and marketing online had a child you would call it a “Tribe”.

You can also take it one step further by branding your tribe with AR filters (Like filters you see on SnapChat). The great news is Starbucks recently sold a bunch of Unicorn Frappucino’s by being ridiculously social so there’s really no reason why small local businesses can’t capitalize on the same concept, even a small percentage of this type of “people-based” marketing can win you a lot of business. And you know… this site is all about helping you win online, so there you go…


I hope you enjoyed this short piece and actually put these 3 powerful strategies into practice. If you do be sure to come back and share your results with us. Until next time!