Alright everyone’s talking about growth hacking and well it’s such a cool word. But what happens after we actually stop using it as a verb at start using it as a philosophy, a way of growing and solving problems / obstacles / challenges. Well the first and most obvious ‘after the sensation’ goal is to actually start doing the work : finding creative yet hmmmm…data backed methods for growing your startup, business, or influence in 2017.

To help both you and I accomplish growth goals I found some pretty in-depth resources on the web despite the fact that they are free they also come from an experienced point of view (I guess that can be both good and bad for a growth hacker but well, you know that’s how the story goes… So let’s begin 🙂

I know I know… As short as this is it should be a Reddit post 🙂 but you know I’ll be updating this in the future so once you’ve got your fill return and Get Some … more